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"We all go up together!" It's more than a motto; it's a way of life.

Elevate Your Maui Rental with Exclusive Art

Enhance Appeal and Increase Revenue

Stand out in the competitive market

Attract higher-paying guests

...AND earn from art sales!

Over the Edge | Aerial Odyssey over Na Pali - Living Moments Media - 3500-5500, 800-3500, Abstract, Acrylic, aerial, Artwork, beach, Best Moments, Best Sellers, black, blue, Canvas, Coast, Cove, green, Hawaii, Helicopter, Honopu Beach, horizontal, Island, Kauai, Maui, Metal, Moody, Mountains, Na Pali Coast, new arrivals, New Moments, ocean, open-edition, over-5500, Prints, rocks, sand, size-18-x-24, size-30-x-40, size-42-x-56, Surf, trail, Trees, Visual Artwork, waves

Effortless Partnership, Maximum Reward

5 simple steps

How it works...

1. Sign Up Online: 1 Minute - Guick Form to start. (Make sure to put your Property Manager as refered by.)

2. Personal Consultation: If you desire, Maui Fine Art Collective will tailor selections to your property.

3. Purchase Artwork: either Wholesale or Retail rates are available.

4. Seamless Delivery & Installation: We manage all setup, coordinate art installation with your property manager, and take care of tracking sales.

5. Revenue Sharing: Profit from art sold during rentals with QR Code. (details and examples below)

Elevate your property’s value and guest experience effortlessly.


Artist Plaque

...With your personalized QR Code

Black or white

In Two Sizes...

2" X 2" QR Code


4" X 6" Description W/ QR Code

STEP 1 - Sign UP

Wholesale Price

50% off of Retail Price

Starts at 10% Profit Sharing

Grows to 15% for sales 10+

Apply Here

Retail Price

Starts at 20% Profit Sharing

Grows to 25% for sales 10+

Apply Here


We'll set you up with a dashboard to see your sales, clicks, and our current promotions to share easily.

Set up your account for automatic deposits to a bank account or Paypal.

Taxes can be withheld automatically!

Step 2 - Let's go shopping!

1. Pick which price range and sizes of art would fit best in your space and would match the demographics of your customers

2. Pick out your artwork that would fit best in with your decor and style

3. Place your order under your new partner account with private discount code

4. We ship your selection to your selection to hang where you'd like

5. We print an Artist's Plaque (example below) to hang next to our art that includes your personalized QR Code

6. (Optional) We print Business Cards to help your guests take your QR Code with them


You'll fill out a W-9 Tax Form and become a 1099 Subcontractor with Living Moments Media.

At the end of the year, we will automatically send you a 1099 statement with your income amount.

It's super quick... you'll be up and running in a few minutes!

Customers have 30 days to make a purchasing decision once they click your partner link. They must have cookies enabled on their device to credit your referral (almost everyone does).

Payouts will occur automatically after the customer's return period has ended (7 days after delivery). Average time for payouts is usually about a month after the customer completes their purchase on our site.

It is LMM's full discretion as to whether a company can qualify for wholesale discount pricing.

Transform Your Hawaii Rental with Local Art: A Guide for Property Owners

Elevate Your Rental Property's Appeal and Revenue

Discover the unique opportunity to enhance your Hawaii rental properties with authentic, locally sourced art. This comprehensive guide is tailored for Hawaii rental property owners looking to differentiate their listings, attract higher-paying visitors, and support the vibrant local art community.

Why Local Art?

  1. Cultural Connection: Showcasing local Hawaiian art not only beautifies your property but also creates a deeper connection with the island's rich culture and heritage.
  2. Increased Property Value: Elevate the ambiance of your rentals, making them stand out in the competitive market, which can lead to increased occupancy and higher rental rates.
  3. Supporting Local Artists: Contributing to the local economy by supporting Hawaiian artists, especially those impacted by events like the Lahaina fire in 2023.

Benefits for Property Owners

  • Custom Art Selection: We collaborate with you to select pieces that resonate with the style and vibe of your property.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Our team handles everything from delivery to installation, ensuring a seamless integration of art into your rental spaces.
  • Profit from Art Sales: Generate additional income through art sales facilitated by QR codes placed next to each artwork, creating a passive income stream while enhancing your guests' experience.

SEO Optimization and Keywords

Use keywords such as "Hawaiian local art for rentals," "luxury rental upgrades Hawaii," and "support local artists Maui" in your online listings and social media posts to improve search engine visibility and attract potential renters looking for unique vacation experiences.