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'Ohana Program

Let's adventure together
A truly unique

Partner Community

Finding customers and other potential partners can be so much more rewarding when we do it together...

Our 'Ohana Values

"We All Go Up Together"


Genuine joy & excitement for life connected together is what our relationships are all about. We're all about sharing the good vibes and vibrancy with the world.

'Ohana = Family

Together, we're able to accomplish infinitely more than individually. We're all in this together and we all succeed together.


Leading with giving generously in a spirit of focusing on the betterment of the others. We're ultimately more fulfilled by serving from an abundance mentality.


Our reputation can only be earned by doing what's right, every time, in things big and small. Treating others how we'd like to be treated is paramount to maintaining trust in our relationships.


Honesty, openness, and clarity of intentions allows greater trust. Sharing vibrancy and aloha is our mission through and through.


Art Lovers | Art galleries | Interior designers | Tourism-centered businesses | Realtors & Brokers

Potential Income Streams

Connect with Customers

Share your personalized link with potential customers

15%-20% Commissions on Sales

team-hands-linked-together Living Moments Media

Invite New Partners

Share this 'Ohana Program with other extraordinary people

Bonus Commission Rewards

Business Wall Space

Host our artwork in your space

10%-30% Commission on Sales

Various Purchase Options

Empower Employees

Employees share their personalized link with your clients

Sale Commission Rewards

You and Your Employee get Paid

Individual Partners

Let's find customers and partners together


Business Partners

Investigate the options for partnering B2B