At Maui Fine Art Collective, we unite a community of local Maui artists whose exceptional works have breathed life and vibrancy into spaces worldwide. 

Our mission is to showcase the diverse talents of Maui's artists while embodying the unique blend of humility and sophistication that defines our island culture.

Through mauifineart.org, we aim to offer a platform that elevates the presentation and appreciation of fine art, celebrating the beauty and spirit of Maui in all we do.

Edge of Awe | Kalalau Valley Cliffside - Living Moments Media - 3500-5500, 800-3500, Acrylic, Artwork, Best Moments, Best Sellers, black, blue, Canvas, clouds, Coast, forest, green, Hawaii, horizontal, Island, Jungle, Kauai, Metal, Moody, Mountains, Na Pali Coast, new arrivals, New Moments, ocean, open-edition, orange, over-5500, panoramic, pathway, Prints, rocks, sand, size-20-x-40, size-40-x-80, Surf, trail, Trees, Visual Artwork, Water, Waterfalls, waves, White


Our vision for Maui Fine Art Collective is to be the premier online destination for discerning art collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors seeking exquisite creations from some of Maui's most accomplished artists.

We envision a platform that not only showcases the high-class talents of our local artists but also fosters connections and collaborations within our artistic community.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to preserving the spirit of Maui while pushing the boundaries of artistic excellence.

Three of our goals

Artistic Excellence

We strive to maintain and elevate the level of artistic excellence within the collective by consistently producing and showcasing exceptional works of fine art.

Community Engagement

Foster a vibrant and supportive community of local artists by facilitating collaboration, networking opportunities, and art-related events on Maui.

Market Expansion

Expand the reach and influence of the collective by increasing online visibility, growing the collector base, and promoting the collective's unique blend of Maui's culture and sophistication to a global audience.

Benefits to our artists

Cross-Pollination of Ideas and Inspiration: Artists within the collective have the unique opportunity to exchange ideas, techniques, and inspiration with their peers. This cross-pollination of creativity fosters continuous growth and innovation in their artistic pursuits.

Exponential Leverage of Strengths: Through collective marketing efforts, artists can leverage the combined strengths of the group to reach a wider and more diverse audience. This results in increased visibility, sales opportunities, and recognition for their work.

Community and Support: Being a part of the collective means belonging to a close-knit community of like-minded artists. This supportive network provides emotional encouragement, constructive feedback, and valuable connections within the art world.

Leveraging Online Presence and Authority: Artists in the collective gain access to a strong and established online presence, enhancing their individual authority in the digital aspects of the worldwide art scene. This collective strength amplifies their reach and credibility, helping them stand out amongst the crowd.

Evening Embrace | Wailea's Pastel Dreamscape - Living Moments Media - 3500-5500, 800-3500, Abstract, Acrylic, Artwork, beach, Best Moments, Best Sellers, Best Wall Artwork, blue, Canvas, clouds, Coast, Hawaii, Island, kihei, maui, Maui Hawaii Fine Art Photography, Maui Hawaii Wall Art, Metal, New Moments, ocean, open-edition, orange, over-5500, pastel, Prints, sand, size-16-x-24, size-24-x-36, size-40-x-60, Sunset, teal, Visual Artwork, wailea, Water, waves, White, yellow

Our 'Ohana Values

"We All Go up Together..."


We uphold an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, striving for the highest standards in every brushstroke and composition.


We believe that together, we can achieve artistic brilliance beyond measure. Our collective spirit fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where all artists thrive.


Our generosity knows no bounds. We lead with a spirit of giving, embracing the opportunity to elevate others and enrich our community through our art.


We understand that our reputation is our most valuable asset. With every creation and interaction, we maintain an unshakeable commitment to ethical conduct and treating all with respect.


Honesty and clarity are the cornerstones of our mission. We open our creative processes, inspirations, and intentions to foster trust and deepen the connection between artist and audience.


We celebrate the fusion of Maui's laid-back charm with a world-class, refined aesthetic. Our art reflects the sophistication of our collective, leaving a lasting impression on all who engage with it.

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